This or That

Thought this was a fun thing to do. Saw it on another forum (Sox talk)

Basically you post two things. The person who responds will say which they prefer and then they post two things

Only rules are: You can’t say both, or none, or add something. I’ll start

Pepsi or Coke?

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beer or hard shit

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That is tough. I love both but I’ll go with


Car or truck

Truck - I tow a 5th wheel

Blonde or Brunette?


Offense or Defense

Offense. Granted the Colts defense was fun to watch in 07 when they were fast and vicious. Tough call

Simpson’s or Family Guy

Simpsons for me without question. :slight_smile:

I think this one may depend on age.

Michael Keaton or Christian Bale as Batman.

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Ooooooooooh man a tough one. Both so good. I say Bale but it is definitely a close one

Actually this is a good question. I want to see other answers to this before we move on lol

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Michael Keaton. Loved Christian Bale as Dicky Ecklund in The Fighter, though.

Amsterdam or Athens?



Would love to go one day!

Yogurt or ice cream

Ice cream

And I loved Michael Keaton as Batman and Bale and Dickie

Ocean or Mountains?

That is a tough one. I spent all my summers on the water as a kid and loved the general nautical feel but I don’t like saltwater. lol However, I lived on a mountain here in NH for basically 38 years with a sunset view of the mountain range and the lake below it and acres of woods all around plus all the activities I love are here. 4 wheeling, snowmobiling, skiing etc.and I love the rugged individualism of the folks around here.
Both place are perfect for me for different reasons.

I’m gonna go with the mountains but I could easily live in the town down the cape, just wouldn’t swim. :slight_smile:

McDonalds or Wendys

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I would prefer mountains myself. Love going to Banff Alberta and hiking the beautiful mountains there!

Wendy’s. Baconator all day!!!

Electric shaver or razor.

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I always used razors but since I’ve been hanging with Jo here in the country I’ve got some facial hair( my mom hates the country look lol) and use a beard trimmer so I’m going electric.

Football or Baseball :slight_smile:

Football … either American or Australian.

Beatles or Rolling Stones?

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Stones all the way, although I do like the Beatles, I tend to like darker stuff.

Roger Waters or David Gilmour (the Pink FLoyd fight of the century :slight_smile: )

Ugh hate choosing between football and baseball. I love both. If I had to choose at gun point it would be baseball though.

Rolling Stones for sure for me!

Chocolate or candy.

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I’m a bass player at heart, but I like Gilmour’s voice better, so … Gilmour.

Sometimes you can get both.

Hiking or biking?

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Hiking. The yuppie cyclists from around these parts (mostly MA transplants) have completely turned me off to it. Riding in the middle of the back roads not letting traffic by and stuff. And we’ve got mountains everywhere here. So hiking it is.

Hockey or Basketball

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If both the Bs and Cs are playing, I’m watching the Bruins. So … Hockey.

Cats or Dogs?