China and the NBA

oh that is a good one, you can’t debate them so you hide here talking shit about them. Yeah that is typical of your posting behavior in several places

And I responded that you don’t practice what you preach on that front as evidenced by the fact that you claim it’s a both sides issue and yet you refrain from holding the other side to account as you demand LeBron do.

Hypocritical and cowardly, I agree.

And you felch misogynistic retards and ban people that actually contribute discourse.

Lebron is a global figure, not some person on an internet messageboard for sports discussing politics.

if you can not see teh difference you are truely blind in hate for those posters and will never be able to exist in anyplace that doesn’t agree with you.

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thesaurus button in use again

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Is there a reason why we’re repeating the thread?

It’ll go back to you being hypocritical for accusing LeBron of hypocrisy, you getting mad as you always do and back to a war of insults.

Do we need to do it a third time?

How about instead of getting angry at me you put some of that energy in at the gym and shed a few of those pounds?

you bore me, you want to talk about what they say yet are ascared to when we all know you have the power to, we all know you have for some time now but you are afraid

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Nah, I’ll happily come over if you give up the ability to censor me.

Ball is in your court.

oh man that is great stuff… you are a regular Eddie Murphy

Go lurk, hide in the bushes, and never respond because you are afrain to.

So that’s a no on giving up your precious mod buttons?

Believe me, I’m not the only one that wishes you would.

hahaha, who cares what people think shallow little man, go post a reply to those thread you cry over.

The mod buttons are seriously your most treasured item, aren’t they?

actually no, I never use them except to do sport betting

So then give em up.

Resign your reign of abuse and then be shocked how many people return that left because of how you drove the board into the ground and decimated membership/discourse.

You do realize that forum use to be a mess with vitriol spitting, no argument having folks like you that ran off many good posters on all sides of the arguments, right?

It was an epic cesspool.

It may be mostly an echo chamber now and that’s unfortunate but it was people like you that ruined the place.

The board as a whole was once a thriving community and my favorite messageboard
Then mikie ran off several worthwhile posters while keeping people that post said vitriol like OZO and subroc

nop, I like to piss you and those other people off too much

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Okay, well you have my terms.

Give up the mod buttons and I return.

your terms!!! are you kidding me!! who the hell are you to make demands, you have some crazy self worth level shit going on.

how about you post you political rants to the people who create them and not on this board.

It is simple, it is because you can’t post without personal attacks thus voiding any possible point you make into shit.

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