China and the NBA

What, so that I can give you the pleasure of banning me again while you let inflammatory trolls like OZO post their shit with impunity?

UT smartly washed his hands of that place because you’re such an incompetent retard. I’ll follow his lead and not participate as you roll your fatass around as a giant jizz mop.

I don’t care who post what over there, you are on this board. learn to diferentiate between the two and stop being a dickweed

You care very much what people post over there because you’ve banned a lot of worthwhile contributors because they made your fatass cry.

You also coddle a bunch of inflammatory trolls

Bull, you are afraid to debate all them yourself and prefer the cowardly way you post here. you can talk shit but not to them. Grow a set.

and as for banning you, who says I banned ou the 1st time? you may think it was me but hell a few people saw your posting style and were done with you.

Man oh man, not one single post in which you’ve gone against the grain over there, huh?

back to name calling, pussy shit like that is your mo, coward talks a big game but for the past year you have been on that site with no restrictions - cowardly claiming to be banned.

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74,621 posts and you haven’t ever disagreed with the circle jerk mob.


oh man that hurts and you got me!!! you aregood, man you are good.

typical crap, act like a total jackass claiming to be banned when you were not. Wow, that was a good one.

in fact it has been quite a while you could have posted but choose to live in a cave waiting for your chance to show the world what an warrior you can be but not once have you debated a thing, no you return to flinging insults.

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go post over there if you are so obsessed with the place, I welcome you too and leave the politics off this place.

So it’s your contention that I’m somehow afraid to argue with people, and yet I have no problem arguing with you…so that makes you…what?

Yeah, doesn’t add up.

No, it’s simple. I decided after you unjustifiably banned me that I would never post in such a place where you had the ability to censor me.

Give up the mod buttons and I’ll happily return. But you won’t ever do that. Ever.

Sure, give up the mod buttons and I’ll do so.

you have never argued, you tossed insults like a child wanting his way

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That’s what plenty of people on there do and yet you’re too cowardly to discipline them as you did me.

afraid to post are you… hahaha exposing yourself as the coward and internet tough guy

poor you, I am inviting you to post, have at it and report any post you find offensive in a reply and I am sure it will be reviewed by many and a solution come to based on merit.

but you think you know so much, yet you don’t. you are afraid to debate them without being able to just insult your way thru it. interesting.

Yes, those mod buttons are literally your most treasured asset and you’re too afraid to disagree with the mob over there so instead you roll around as a fatass jizz mop and ban anyone that dares interrupt the circlejerk.

That’s the response I expected.

stop hijacking my basketball stuff and go, show the world your political knowledge, share it with those less fortunate than you and expand their minds to the correct way o thinking.

“go west, young man”

I attempted to debate this issue with you by pointing out that it’s not hypocritical for someone to take more issue with what’s happening in their own country than abroad.

you are exposing yourself for the dickweed you are as you have what you want, go post, lead us to the promise land your own Manifest destiny… lead us oh great one to the far lands we are in need of…

74,621 posts and yet you’ve never once questioned the majority opinion in the PF.

To think, you could die of obesity related disease any day now and you would die having never found a sack.

and I replied that their need to stand up for the rights of others needs to be global not jusy within our boundaries since they play a global sport and their influence, much like Dennis Rodman’s, could make a difference and possible stop the dictatorship these people live in fear of.

but I see you are back to they 5th grade posting style that probably got you banned the 1st time.