2019 Stanley Cup Game Thread


lose a defenseman and lose a game. any word on Chara injury? I am boycotting sports radio


He’s got a busted mouth. Got stitches last night before getting back on the bench. May need some dental work today and Cassidy said he may not be available for game 5.


rumors were a broken jaw.

BB called it an upper body injury.




Ya that was nasty that puck to the mouth. I give credit to these guys that they can get back out there and still try and block a shot. If that happened to me I would be terrified of the puck lmao.


Sup. Y’all ready to do this hockey thing?


How Chara will describe the play in St Louis to his grandkids some day


:wave: Joolz is here.


Chara with the HUGE ovation


Good luck tonight folks!!! Chara is a beast!


What’s the brew of choice tonight, Thep?


I prefer Kokanee beer. I’m watching my little man tonight so no alcohol :frowning: but tomorrow game on.

Tough game for Boston. Outplaying the Blues but Binnington is playing really good.

I always wanted to be a goalie… but you know… I’m lazy.


Refs are atrocious in this game. Looks like they want the Blues to win.


That was rough.


I think through the first two periods of Game Six that the Blues have been better 5-on-5. Thankfully, Rask brought his A-game tonight.

Then again, the Bruins were the better team in Game Five, but Binnington brought his A-plus game.


I would find it difficult to bet against the Bruins at home in Game Seven, but then again, both teams have so far gone 1-2 at home in this series.

I think it comes down to officiating, unfortunately. If the refs are willing to call penalties on high hits, then the Bruins win easily. If not, then it’s a close game, and maybe this Binnington kid has a good enough night to steal the Cup for his team.


Good luck Bruins!


Word is Papi will have a pregame message.

You gonna watch the game TD?


Aly Raisman and Edelman wearing Ortiz jerseys waving the flag.


What’s the reason they started their 4th lines?