2019 Stanley Cup Game Thread

Bruins 3 for 3 on power plays tonight

Task has the pipes working for him tonight

Another bad bounce goal off a Bruin defender

5-2 Bruins.

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Sloppy play for the last few minutes.

Empty better 6-2


7 goals in the last 15 shots.

Torey Krug is the first Bruin ever to have 4 pts in a Stanley Cup game.

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Amazing considered they’ve had the likes of Orr, Espo, Neely, and Bourque playing in the Finals for them in the past.

Were it not for his own D-men, Rask might have had a shutout tonight. :disappointed:

:wave: Joolz is here.

So is JL. :slight_smile:

Great possession. Bs are turning it on and it’s a tie game.


Tied 1-1

Jeopardy James lost tonight. Joolz is sad.

Hugz to you for Jeopardy James.

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Coyle with the great D and Tukka is having a postseason for the ages. hat a game he’s had under extreme duress tonight.

Can’t keep my eyes open. Good luck Bruins and goodnight JL.

Night Joolz. Tie game.

Condolences folks. This is the weirdest series I’ve ever seen in the Stanley Cup no lie. One team dominates the other each night. Very good coaching on both parts as they adjust to ones style. I honestly think the Blues were toast. Good series.

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