2019 Stanley Cup Game Thread

Got home about midway thru the 2nd period 2-0 Blues and the Bruins were promptly inspired to tie the game up.:grin:

I was not raised in a hockey culture so I dont get all the nuances of the game but man the up and down action and drama of the playoffs are Fan Freeking Tastic


It doesn’t really lend itself to a game thread though does it

I put on my glasses and now I can actually see the puck

Broons win 4-2

Is this three stars thing something theyve always done?

Yes. They pick 3 stars at the end of each game; I think that’s NHL wide.

Think about this … their top line, especially Pastrnak, played a “meh” game, and the Bruins were still able to come back from a 2-0 deficit. If Marchand, Bergeron, and Pastrnak start playing like Marchand, Bergeron, and Pastrnak, then the Blues are toast.

Weird. I don’t ever remember seeing it until this season.

That’s my problem. Even with my glasses I can’t see the puck.

If you haven’t been watching hockey for a while, the trick is to forget about the puck and to watch the players. Eventually, your brain subconsciously learns where to look for the puck.

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I could watch what the puck’s doin’
Between Saint Louis and the Bruins
If I only had a brain …

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LOL @ all the comparisons between Zdeno Chara and Monty Python’s Black Knight, after Chara needed stitches for taking that Terasenko shot off his forearm.

“It’s merely a flesh wound …”

Congrats folks. That was a thorough beat down!

the league is using it as a marketing device to get the helmetless faces on TV as the players give away sticks to kids. they have done it for as long as I’ve gone to games, over 45 years.

Did they just start televising it this year? I swear I’ve never seen it until this season.

I think they would name them but I dont recall seeing it on TV like this - could be a playoff move.

Game 2.

NBC Sports channel?

Really NHL?

That where I watch Rugby and Lacrosse.



I got up to make a sandwich and all of a sudden its 2-1

Make another sandwich to make it 3-1.