2019 Stanley Cup Game Thread


Power Play. Bs.


What a save by Binnington at the line.


That PK was all Binnington.


7-1 sots on goal for the Bs. Binnington is killing it.




Tough break. Get it back Bruins.


Alright bruins Re in trouble.


16-4 shots and Blues winning. Unreal.


I know. Its nutz.


Wow. One period left…


Condolences folks


The local press must be crucifying Rask.

I mean, much like in 2013, the Bruins don’t get to the Finals without him, but man, did he need to match Binnington’s performance until his teammates could get one through.


Rask is the Conn Smyth winner if the Bruins win. He is why they made it to game seven.

The Marchand end of the period goal was Bullshit, and the 1st goal went off the skate of O’Reilly.

meanwhile Marchand and Pasta are playing tic tac toe instead of shooting the puck and Johansson choked quicker than the new girl auditioning for the adult film industry.

God the Bruins tried but that goalie was unbeatable.