Worcester Red Sox

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That’s nice for Worcester!!! May have to travel out for a game or two.

They have some artist’s renditions of what Polar Park will look like here.

If you are interested in where they are putting this ballpark, and what it looks like now, you can find that on this page.

Part of the whole plan is for MassDOT to revamp Kelley Square, which I’m sure the car insurance companies are all on board with.

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Really hope it works. Right now Kelly Square is one big clusterf*ck.

Anyone ever frequent the dive bar Hotel Vernon? rock%20on

I haven’t set foot in Worcester in over a decade. Has that bar been there for a long time?

I just hope all these “improvements” don’t drive out the local businesses and replace them with Subway, Starbuck’s, Applebee’s, and other corporate chain franchises.

That blond chick sounds like a robot.

Heh wrong thread.

Hotel Vernon/The Ship Room is the ultimate dive bar. It’s been around forever.

“The Hotel Vernon has a rich history, including stories about one of its most famous regulars – Babe Ruth, who would order raw hamburger sandwiches with his drinks.”


Old news but exciting nonetheless.



We have some more details on Polar Park , new home of the relocating Pawtucket Red Sox (International League) set to move for the 2021 season, after updated plans were filed with the Worcester Planning Board .

Many of these details have been discussed by PawSox management, but they do add some specifics to the Polar Park plan. For instance, it’s now confirmed the ballpark will feature 6,000 seats with a total capacity of 10,000. A “Worcester Wall” will be sited in right field, with seating atop it. From the Worcester Telegram :

That fixed seating will basically wrap around the home plate area, from just beyond the infield of the baseball diamond on the third-base side of the field the first-base side.

Patrons will also be able to watch beyond the game from beyond the left and right outfield walls. A “Worcester Wall” feature is proposed for right field, with seating atop it.

The ballpark will include team locker rooms, offices and ground-floor retail space where there will also be a team store. The site will also have parking for 25 vehicles.

Also submitted to the Worcester Planning Board: information on associated development from developer Madison WG Holdings. A left-field commercial building will feature 121,195 square feet of gross floor space as well as an underground garage. Also planned for the development: a dual-brand hotel on 3.4 acres across from the ballpark.

The PawSox will return to Pawtucket’s McCoy Stadium for 2020, before making the move to Worcester. When Polar Park does open, it will be the International League’s first new facility since the Charlotte Knights opened BB&T Ballpark in 2014.

Rendering courtesy City of Worcester.

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Looks haunted!!

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Rick Flair is the new Mascot!!!

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I’m sorry, but that is one fugly logo :woman_facepalming: I realize they worked the Harvey Ball (a Worcesterite, RIP) smiley face in there, but it looks so childish. Oh, well.

Serving Coney Island hot dogs drool and Table Talk pies was pretty cool though.


He’s kind of cute come on lmao.

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It looks like thigh high stockings on an orange!!! come on


Yeah, if you’re selling Kool-Aid or something :wink:

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You know you find those thigh highs sexy … come on. :dancing_women: