Week 2 Other Games

Some good games on today.

Getting Broncos/Steelerz and Panthers/Bucs early

Is there any Free Streaming options anymore? I really relied on that when traveling.

It was cool to have 2 games on TV , and one on the tablet streaming also … when at home.

Probly makes sense since the NFL is all about their money and control. The streams were not perfect and watching on small screen not ideal but if you really wanna see a game…? All ya got is WiFi? Now what?

Let’s go colts!!!

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I’m kinda surprised. we get bucs also here in Vermont rather than Jints Vikings.

There it is, the Brady factor. His ratings must be huge.

I just use locast for live general network streaming, but I know Thep was big on the streams you can find on Reddit.

Does locast mean you can watch your home broadcast of Patriots games from anywhere in the world if you have wifi?

I use DAZN. 20 a month. Otherwise I would never get colts games lol

Correction… Jints game is on CBS…! NFC was always on Fox before… times they are a-changing…:sunglasses:

Yup … free streaming is DUN apparently…register with the credit card… Cha ching …

Thing that blows is the NFL taking the streaming away this year. When so much has been taken away due to the pandumbic…:-1:

Locast let’s you watch your local networks. I’ve never tried it away from home. All I remember is it asking for a zip code.

Looks like yahoo let’s you as well if you allow location on your device. You only need to have the yahoo sports app. I just got a push notification, as I already had it, and after allowing location, my local CBS game started playing on my phone.

Paris Campbell hurt again. Ugh.

Oh… That might be part of being a Verizon customer as they own yahoo.

Brady looks good.

Touchdown colts !!

TB12 with the INT toward Gronk.

Big Ben with the INT. 17-3 Steelerz over Broncos.

25-3 colts!

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Holy crap!!!

Tom Brady is on my TV screen but he ain’t no TB12 I remember. Just looks so strange seeing him in a different uniform after 20 fucking years.

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