Week 2 Other Games

Panthers marching, big pass play the Teddy goes down.

INT by Teddy. 21-14 Panthers.

28-11 colts.

Did the panthers think that Bridgewater was an upgrade from Cam?

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Fucking Gardner Minshew man. 330 yards and 3 TDs.

The legend continues.

30-30 Jags and Titans.

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Beautiful throw by TB12 that Shady couldn’t haul in the endzone.

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And that’s it folks. Brady and company just punched the Panthers in the dick hole

Sorry, that was bad language. But pretty cool to see Brady get his first win with these guys. He looks much happier than last week.

Uncle rico might be the real deal man.

I don’t like the matte finish helmets.

Am I alone on this. Just noticed them when I switched to the falcons game. They have them.

Falcons gonna lose a heart breaker lol

Wow falcons lost lmao.

Go Chargers.

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Brady is the second player in history with 75,000 yards.

Who’s this kid for the chargers. Man oh man he has been sharp.

Out performing Mahomes.

Holy shit this kid is fantastic to watch. 14-6 chargers. For the first time in my life, I’m actually cheering for the chargers. Wow. This QB looks good.

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KC and Chargers tied up at 17. Chargers on the move in the 4th.

Epic 10 min 21 sec drive by the Chargers to keep Kermit off the field ending in a FG. 20-17.

I’m guessing Kermit wins this with a TD with 3 min left.

Tie game. And it’s going to OT.

Tyrod Taylor, meet Wally Pipp