Week 10 Other Games

Cliff…meet Phillip Rivers. Mr Rivers…this is cliff.

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Hunter Henry

If not for two offsides penalty Rivers would have 4 1st half interceptions

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John Cena has on a holodeck suit

Lmao cena looks like a buff version of Ernest

That game was reasonably entertaining.

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I fell asleep. This mono is kicking my ass but the first 3 quarters were very entertaining.

Won’t lie. Gruden is a friggin evil genius. He has a dumpster fire raiders team looking pretty legit lately.


Richie Incognito got mentioned several times for throwing good blocks on key plays.

I can’t criticize Gruden for taking chances that pay off on players with checkered pasts. BB is the Master at that, even though the AB thing didn’t work out this year.


Agreed! Sometimes it pays off greatly. And ya AB didn’t work out but it’s a good thing for the rest of the league. The one game he played him and Brady already looked like they had chemistry with each other. Could have been dangerous. Too bad he’s a complete dumb shit and likely will end up working part time at a retail store now.

I like Richie the Guard, Richie the nonfootball player is a douche bag. I am not his friend so i do not care he is a douche bag.


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What if I was his friend??? Maybe you just hurt my feelings :frowning:

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he will get over it, he is a big boy not a muffin-ass bitch

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Speaking of muffins!!! I had the best banana chocolate chip muffin yesterday, blew my mind. A co-worker made them.


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I was somewhat acquainted with his Mother back in Arizona, although I doubt she could pick me out of a police lineup at this point. She was (and probably still is) a nice Woman.

I never got to meet him, though, so I don’t know firsthand how he is off the field. I just know what I’ve read about some of his antics, and they’re not something a Mother would be proud of.

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They are showing Falcons-Saints and Chefs-Titans out here, since the Doncos are on their bye week.

Atlanta is playing New Orleans like it’s a rivalry game.

I find the morning games boring. I’m gonna miss the colts game :frowning: going to my girlfriend’s family’s farm this aft. If colts lose I may throw up.

If you’re gonna heave, do so in the hog pen. They’ll think you are giving them a treat. :face_vomiting:

Titans scoop and score to take the lead over the Chefs, but missed the XP. Chefs kick a FG, and now it’s 13-13.

Still, Tennessee is giving them a game, at least.

Halftime report 1 pm games

Baltimore destroying the Bungles

Saints losing to Falcons

Bears have 4 first downs but are winning

Two NY teams playing, no one cares

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OMG Lamar Jackson