Week 1 - Steelers at Patriots - SUN 09/08/19 • 8:20 PM EDT

You know, I thought it would be easy to find a nice game preview article to put here like I did for the preseason games, but there is very little discussion or hype for the game. Perhaps it’s too early in the week.

I’ll post one article I found that talks about one aspect of the Steelers this year in the next post.

The New England Patriots aren’t accustomed to seeing a Pittsburgh Steelers team without Antonio Brown. For the past eight years, he has been a focal-point for New England’s defense, with the team often dedicating its top cornerback to Brown, along with help from a safety.

But Brown is a Raider after forcing his way off the Steelers in a trade. When the Patriots and Steelers play on Sunday night in Week 1, JuJu Smith-Schuster is will be the team’s top wideout after recording 111 receptions for 1,426 yards and seven touchdown.

Is he ready to get treated as such?

“We’ll see. I don’t know,” Patriots cornerback Stephon Gilmore told Patriots Wire on Monday. “You’ve got to prove yourself every year. Everybody has to. That’s the fun part about this game. You’ve got to do it. That’s a we’ll-see thing. Everybody has to prove themself.”

Gilmore will be out to prove that he’s still one of the best cornerbacks in the NFL. Whether it was Pro Football Focus, NFL Network or Touchdown Wire, Gilmore appeared atop countless rankings as the premier shutdown corner after an excellent 2018 season, which included an interception in the Patriots’ winning effort in Super Bowl LIII. He should be the perfect test for Smith-Schuster, who can show he is capable of stepping into the top receiver role in the offense.

“He can make big catches. He’s getting better and you can see that on film,” Gilmore said of Smith-Schuster. “He’s a great player. He’s earned everything he has. I’m just looking forward to playing my technique as best I can. If it’s on him, if it’s on (Donte) Moncrief, if it’s on (James) Washington, I’m just trying to win that snap.”

Smith-Schuster isn’t the Steelers only offensive weapon who needs to step up in Brown’s absence. Along with Moncrief and Washington, the Patriots secondary will keep an eye one receivers Diontae Johnson and Ryan Switzer, tight end Vance McDonald and running backs James Conner and Jaylen Samuels.

“Washington had a pretty good game on us last year,” Duron Harmon said in the Patriots locker room. “He had the deep ball (for 32 yards), and we know what he brings to the table. He might not have much film, but we know he’s a good player, and he’s a guy they’ve been speaking highly of.”

Brown’s absence will inevitably shift the dynamics in Pittsburgh. Smith-Schuster — among others — will get more attention on defense. His ability to perform well, despite the new challenges, could play a large role in determining the outcome of the game on Sunday night.

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Stephon Gilmore, preaching the Gospel according to BB. :innocent:


The NFL has made its referee assignment for the Week 1 showdown between the New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers, and Pats fans probably will recognize him.

Clete Blakeman and his crew will officiate Sunday night’s game at Gillette Stadium. It’s his first assignment involving the Patriots since last season’s AFC Championship Game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Blakeman has a long history of working memorable Patriots games this decade. Here’s a list of the notable matchups, via The Boston Globe’s Ben Volin.

Blakeman became a referee in 2010, and the Patriots are 4-5 (including a 2-0 playoff record) in games he’s officiated over that span.

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Honestly, I think this is going to be an awesome game! Last two times these teams have played each other it’s come right down to the wire. Granted Steelers usually get their ass handed to them in New England, but I think this will be close. Steelers have an excellent defense this year (top 5 I’m guessing) and will likely keep this close through 3 quarters but the Pats will pull away in the end. 31-24 Pats I’m predicting.

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stolen: Fact: After Sunday’s game, the Steelers will have attended more Patriots banner raising ceremonies (3) than their own (2) since 1980 :joy:


Ouch lol.

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Brady definitely bulked up this offseason.

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Well lets hope this game is better than last night lol.

My bold Patriots prediction: Chase Winovich sacks Ben Roethlisberger 3 times on Sunday night

If the Patriots’ Defense from last years’ Super Bowl ever showed up in the same game as the Patriots’ Offense from last year’s AFCCG, the result would be a major tear in the space-time continuum.

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If that defense shows up I hope Brady finally has an off year. Speaking from all non pats fans lol.

That kind of talk will get a person Code Redded around here.


Oh stop. You guys love me. Just friendly banter lol. But seriously…: a down year would be nice.


Game time!!!

I took a nap, downed a Rockstar and I’m ready to go!!!

Oh I will drink to hot girls takibg off their bras.

Sorry folks at my dads visiting. How’s patriots looking ?

John Simon looks like a straight up serial killer

Fuzzy Thurston