Week 1 - Steelers at Patriots - SUN 09/08/19 • 8:20 PM EDT

J Jones witha great deep pass breakup. Great extension for this guy.

How did Lovey describe her vision after her third coconut daiquiri?

Just cracked my first beer of the night. Of course I’ve been drinking on this opening day since 11 but got bored with it and stopped for a while.

Let’s rock this shit.


Josh Gordon


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I see luxurious long blond hair in the gsme

Nice catch by Myers

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Edelman is having a good game I see. 1 for 1 32 yards. How’s Tom brady doing?

Hahahahaha. I kill my self. I tell ya.

“multiple Dolphins players contacted their agents after Sunday’s season-opening blowout loss and directed them to attempt to engineer trades elsewhere. The players believe that the coaching staff, despite claiming that they intend to try to win, aren’t serious about competing”
- https://t.co/ash8W0QJmG

— Exavier Pope (@exavierpope) September 8, 2019
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Olszewski has looked good on two punt returns

Well, I think Flores is burning down the cathedral and in a couple of years they could be a contender instead of a perennial middle of the pack team provided that make some smart moves.

You guys remember that time the Steelers thought they would win but so far put up 0 points. Poor bastards.



That was a pretty pretty pass

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Brady is a Freeking surgeon

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Jesus. This is gonna be a massacre.

Wow. Steelers got a first down.

Big Ben looks nervous.

Haha Roethlisberger face

So patriots/Chiefs/Ravens in a triple threat match for the super bowl is what the AFC is looking like then.

I think the Ravens will be improved but Miami is going to flirt with 0-16. I wouldn’t read too much into today’s game

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