Wednesday January 25th 2023 🦜

It is Wednesday right?

Often cant tell nor care in pursuit of the best things in life for me and everyone.

The sarcasm here is noted.

It’s a brilliant tale of what we are capable of.

Anyone who tells you different should be removed from your life with extreme prejudice.


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Theres a point to this.

Always is.

I’ve mentioned my friend Susan since we were toddlers. Great things developing here.

Morning reply just now.

Good morning.

Woke up at 3 and am off terrorizing the world for the best of reasons.

2 days ago had a friend in Greece commit suicide, saved 2 lives of friends here in the States, had my best friend Jo not only double down of screwing this lowlife prick who ripped my dad off for 20 grand ending our relationship for the last 6 years of his life but out of blindness has gotten involved with a cop, very interested in me for political and silencing reasons. Took my theif of landlord to task and may end up owning this condo for life and more, all before 3 pm.

Yesterday spent some blowoff steam time.

Created 2 snowmen, 1 sexy snowwoman and 1 completely screwed up non binary robot loving pansexual thing so as not to offend sensibilities with my friends 2 grandkids.

True story. :joy:


Oh, also spent several hours talking with my friend Amy who has a job opening at 8 bucks an hour more than Jo is making, much better work environment and way better benefits that she has just offered her.

And more.

Just a day in the life.

My friend Karen, a school teacher in Groton, MA crumbles at the thought of doing the laundry.

I get it, but come on, you’re doing everything you’re capable of?


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High Hopes?


Or what’s the point of getting out of bed?

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And now I’m sitting on a pile of cash, which is not unusual, with the potential of owning this condo with beautiful view which pulls in 8 grand a month during the summer months cuz my landlord is a thief.

I’d like to say that I dont know what to do with the money, but Ialways do. Not always productive. Probably gonna drop a bunch of it on ugrades to my home theater system this week.

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Chara has been here every step of the way, has seen it all and still says, "Mark, this cant possibly be true ". :joy:


Been rewatching and rereading foundational things from youth with Claremonster in tow.

Its been epìc.

One of my favorite movies came out in 88.

The Adventures of Baron Munchausen directed by Terry Gilliam of Monty Python with actors such as Eric Idle, also of Monty Python, Robin Williams and many more.

Highly recommended.

Watched it with Chara the other night.

3 of the best lines are:

When the Baron was presumed dead.

“A touch of adventure always rejuvinates”


“I always find a modicum of snuff to be most efficacious”

Ahd the best one:

“This is precisely the sort of thing no one ever believes.”

After the movie Chara looked at me and said, “My god, I love you” and hugged me.

In response I asked, “Incredible blowjob and an epic night of sex in your tarot cards?”

To her response of, “No time for fooliness! Gotta pack and catch a plane to Dallas to spend 11 days with our old friend Clayton.”

Fully true.

Holy crap, the best of people and the best of times.



Good morning.


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Oh, and btw.

Just to offend or stimulate the sensibilities, always good either way.

Susna just now.

Remember, the best of the best of women from the brilliant world I grew up in.


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Gonna take a nap at 7 am because I have even greater things to do today.

Would just like to ask for any assistance and a point in the direction of learning the why of my Flickr photo hosting account is stongly suggesting I learn how to reach out and say “Good morning” in Kurdish.



This is fully a joke the crown prince clown will get.

From the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Arthur Dents words that hit a wormhole and destroyed this poor bastards life at every reincarnation.

" i seem to be having this tremendous difficulty with my lifestyle."

Not sure that I’m not beginning to relate.


Night guys.

See ya on the other side of morning.



Wow JL was on a roll last night holy smokes lol!

Morning all. Leah and I still sick nothing new to report

Off to work I go. Blah :nauseated_face:


Good morning, friends

Have a great day

Sending Tyler & family good vibes :hugs:


Yucky weather day. Snow/rain mix.



Negative; two down and one to go. He’ll get tedted today.


Good morning, friends :revolving_hearts:

Enjoy the day!

Hope Tyler and Leah are better soon :hugs:


Happy Wingsday!


So beautiful and awesome!


Sox DFA’s Matt Barnes last night.

Scott Rolen was elected to the HOF.


Was very surprised by this


Hope everyone is having a good day.