Training Camp

From Hoodie’s press conference yesterday afternoon. H/T Chevss

Belichick says Monday starts a combination of what you’d do in March after you sign free agents & rookie minicamp along with conditioning, “we are very much in a start of the offseason program, rookie minicamp type of state. Move through that at the pace we can”

He also talked about the shortened season of practices and basically said it’s what colleges do every year so they should be used to it. They’ll start with the basic fundamentals and install as quickly as the players can learn it. “You set up a general structure that you implement. Everyone needs to learn certain fundamentals and basics. Two years or 20 years, there’s still a basic progression in training camp at that players’ position.”

On the QBs, he said all 3 will have a chance to compete equally. He doesn’t know how they’ll perform until they get out and do it. It’s an open competition. “I think that spot is like a lot of other spots on the team… we’ll see what happens. I don’t know.” So Belichick.
On Cam, he said they had been talking to Cam and his agent for a long time. Their was mutual interest and many were involved in the talks.

Belichick on Troy Brown coaching RBs: “He’ll continue to work with other positions like returners & slot WRs. He was always great with the ball in his hands as a runner and receiver, which is big for RBs. Coaching different positions & players make them better coaches”

BB on QB coach Jedd Fisch: “He’s been in a number of different places both professionally & collegiately. Lot of experience on offense; QBs, OC, play-caller, skill positions. He brings a lot of experience & wisdom to our staff.” Says Fisch brought a number of new ideas.

Belichick on no preseason games: “We’ll just have to take advantage of our practice opportunities. Combination of competition to evaluate the players and situational things to get them ready for the season. That’s what college football does every year.”

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What? Why? Sanu has been killing the offseason. Is this a CV thing?


Didn’t Sanu have an ankle issue last year too?

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The Dreaded high ankle sprain and it was pretty freaking bad. He was a shell of himself out there after it happened.

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Nice!! And I say that as I’m operating under assumption that we have a season.

Everything I post about the NFL is within that context. For now. :slight_smile: