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Tedeschi told ESPN he paid his staff out of pocket for their work and that he never received an explanation for the lack of payment. He also said that Brown later offered to pay him in social media advertising.

Tedeschi told ESPN that Brown would not allow him to retrieve food or equipment from the mansion after the party and that an associate of the receiver told him not to make eye contact with Brown as he left the property.


I find it fascinating that there is a segment of society (or possibly its just generational) that believe social media exposure is a commodity that they can use to purchase goods and services.

Maybe…MAYBE…getting a public endorsement from a true celebrity can help someone just starting out. But this chef already had NFL clients. Drew Brees. Larry Fitzgerald. His business is established.

There is a subreddit called ChoosingBeggars that details artists, musicians and other free lance type people who have to fend off “customers” who try to get them to work for free under the guise of “gaining exposure”. It just boggles my mind that our social media culture has gotten to the point that people actually believe that likes equal money.


Man it never ends with this guy. There is always something with him. Smh.

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This is a good take, but I don’t think Social Media is the biggest driver here.

The simple fact is, Rich people have always expected others to work for free. I guess they figure that their presence in your life is payment enough, and that your ability to brag about working for them will automatically turn into more business with “commoners” who actually pay their bills.

Not a new phenomenon, really. Social Media is just the new conduit for this bullshit.


We had a billionaire client who was so piss poor in paying that we would give him a bill every Saturday and not design his project until payment was received Monday morning.

I was told he often deducted 10% of the bill for the privilege of working for him, he never tried that with us…

people are fucked.

He passed away a few years ago but his kid, who we work for, pays you promptly.


AB suspended by Raiders. Conduct detrimental to the team. Apparently got into am altercation with Mike Mayock.




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Lmao. How is this clown even employed by a team. Ugh.

Does this make Richie Incognito the biggest Problem Child of all the Raiders?

I know any time Vontaze Burflict is playing the role of peacemaker, well up is down, and cats are living with dogs.


Maybe he will play good on Monday lol. Silence the haters. He is a good receiver. But at the end of the day this is a make or break season for Carr. He was nearly on a Tom Brady level a couple seasons ago. We will see this year if that was a fluke or if he can get back to that level.


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I don’t know what this means lol.

Just posted a few hours ago. So California is a two party consent state, which means if AB recorded this conversation without Grudens explicit consent, well that’s sort of illegal.

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It just keeps getting better and better.

Now I’m just waiting for the press conference by Vince McMahon announcing the signing of Antonio Big Chest Brown.

If I were Gruden, I wouldn’t mind this being put out.

He sounds like the one guy in the conversation who has common sense.