Sox @ Oaktown game 3

Evoldi on the mound.


And the Sox turn 2 to end the the inning. :slight_smile:

Evoldi loads the bases with no outs.

Got out of it with 1 run. Well done.

Tie game at 3 with a Moreland hit. This cat is clutch. JD at 3rd.

What is with those stupid horns? How annoying.

I just woke up.

There used to be a guy in that park who could actually play the trumpet.

This ain’t him.

Barnes nailed it again. Tied at 3.

It’s Josh Lewin in the booth with Joe C.

It’s these things.


Honestly I’m so intent on the game that I often don’t hear anything other when the crowd erupts. But that’s just me.

Ah. i hear em now. :slight_smile:

Ugh. Stolen base and an error = runner on 3rd.



What a play by Holt. He’s fuckin’ out. Clutch.

Base hit, Nunez. And up comes Brock.


Oh, Nunie. Caught trying to steal.

Hahahaha!!! JBJ.

I’m lovin’ Rodney right now.