Sox @ Oaktown game 3


Nice! 5-3 Sox on a Betts 2-run double.


Mookie drives in 2. 5-3


What a smile this kid has.


Triple by Beni baby.


And that’s the ballgame.




I’m glad the defending WS Champs finally realized they are the defending WS Champs.

Edit: @johnlocke, you’re up again tomorrow. Afternoon start at the Coliseum.


Hell of a win! Crucial error on Oakland’s part opened up the doors. Bullpen was good. Eovaldi was average.


all it takes is a ball bouncing off a bag and you got yourself a win. Brockstar with the play to cover Swiharts throw.


This was their MO last year. Make a mistake and we’ll make you pay. So Patriots like.