Site updates.

If I am awake early enough tomorrow morning, I am going to run some site updates as I have fallen behind. Not sure what is new in them, but hopefully it’s all good. They aren’t major revisions, so it shouldn’t be drastic. But I did make a backup this evening in case things go sideways.

Do you guys that are here still like the Discourse software? I thought it was worth asking now that we have had time with Xenforo on the Planet.

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Maybe @johnlocke and @Joolz are better to ask since they use Patriots Planet often, I don’t really use it too often so I can’t compare the two. I love this forum as is… Don’t think it needs major changes or anything?

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I’ve gotten use to this site and the way it works. There are some really cool features. One that comes to mind is the ease of inserting links. It’s a fun site.

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I like this software just fine, it just seems the Planet has a bit more features and emojis I like and stuff.

One thing I like about this site over the Planet is that I don’t have to resize my pics from my S21 Ultra that has an epic camera.

Be interested in seeing the updates.

Either way, I’m cool. Your very welcome for the decisive statement in advance. :rofl:


Yes not having to resize stuff is awesome. Posting pics on here is super easy.


Update successful and complete.

This software is still in beta. But I was curious as I know the Xenforo structure and customization much better than I do Discourse. Of course, Discourse itself is free. But we are on a different server and different host than the Planet, which is good for disaster, but additional hosting costs.


Thanks man!!

I’m finding it extremely hard to use the mobile site to create a thread. I tried creating a game day thread and it’s really wonky. I don’t even have a create option or anything.

This is what it looks like

Everything is kind of jumbled together and now I can’t create it. I can’t scroll down or anything.

That’s really strange. I just looked myself and it looks okay. Apple or Android?

Have you tried completely closing and opening?

Hmmmm yes I have I’m using this on my apple phone. Strange …… I phone 11 I think.

Try turning sideways to landscape

Still not :frowning: maybe just my phone

That looks ok?

I can’t click the create thread at the bottom.

It won’t let me scroll. Wish I could take a video. It’s hard
To explain basically that’s as much as I can see at the bottom.

Safari or Chrome? Maybe try the one it is not?

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I’ll try chrome! One second

Ugh. Nope even with Chrome. I have to go to work now, I will try this for my computer at work which I’m sure will work. But for whatever reason it’s just not working on my phone

I’m having trouble getting back to the top of a page. If I recall, the BSU header with the middle finger kid was visible and I could just click on him to bring me to the main page. I might be wrong :woman_shrugging:t2:

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