Other Games Week 14

The Bears offense looks fantastic tonight

The Cowboys are in full on implosion mode


Did the Patriots break them?


AFC East vs. NFC East:

  • NE 4-0
  • BUF 3-1
  • NYJ 3-1
  • MIA 1-2, with NYG left to play.

Overall: 11-4 so far, pending the last matchup between MIA and NYG.

What cracks me up is that the mathematically challenged will point to this as evidence that the AFC East is weak … “Well, your teams played a weak NFC East Division.”

I guess it never occurs to mid-grade imbeciles that the reason the NFC East looks weak is because the AFC East made them look weak. Which is one of the reasons we call them “mid-grade imbeciles.” :crazy_face:

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Bahahaahhhahahah Dallas lmao. Just stop. For god sakes lol.

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And to make it worse there are rumors of Ohio State’s Urban Meyers being brought in to coach.


Wow…smh lol

I think I am looking forward to and am going to watch Ravens at Bills at 1pm, and root for the Bills I suppose.

I don’t think I have a dog in the fight but I am so looking forward to this game. I’ve watched almost all of both teams games so far this season and Buffalo is building something good. The Ravens’s may already be there but when they faced a tough D in SF they almost wilted.

Should be a great game.

49ers and Saints should be epic as well. Can’t decide which I’m gonna watch yet.

Saints just cut through the number 2 D like a hot knife through butter on the opening drive of the game for the TD.

Why the hell didn’t the Pats get TE Jared Cook, who has played well for NO?

Oh that’s right. Gronk was playing fuck fuck games about retirement and cost the Patriots Cook.

TD Cook. 13-7.


Saints 49ers 13-7 gonna be high scoring.

Bills defense keeping. Ravens in check first two possessions. Offense needs to respond though.

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Josh Allen could be one of the greats if he could hit his deep throws.

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Saints already in field goal rage. Could go up 16-7 in the early going. 49ers don’t have an answer to the saints right now at all.

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Yeah, but that hit was nasty. I don’t think it was malicious, just a defender trying to dislodge a ball (which he did, in my opinion). Cook is now in concussion protocol.

Had the referee called that a non-catch because the H2H hit dislodged the ball, they’d have found alligators chewing up his remains somewhere in the delta swamps.


Wow touchdown saints. 49ers defense is at home.