Other Games Week 14

Bears Cowboys

Thursday night.


TD Zeke Elliott

That’s going to be overturned.

Told you

Roquan Smith in the lockerroom

End of the 1st Q

Hope you guys all started JP Holtz on your fantasy teams

Trubisky to Allen Robinson. TD.


Smith out the rest of the game. Pec injury

Horrible penalty call

Bears FG

10-7 Tha Bearssss.

Visiting kickers now 1 for 7 on FGA over 40 yards at Soldier Field this season

JL in da house. Go Bears.

What up John?

Wondering why Troy is wearing the same coat I bought for this winter at Walmart? :rofl::rofl:

Oh my.

Cordarelle doing Cordarelle thingd

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Just thinking the same thing.


WRlined up at QB. Loss of 5.

Perfect. :thinking: