On Adjustments, McD, And The Greatness of The Patriots

Oh I agree. He is always going to put himself front and center to divvy up the blame after a loss.

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He needs the reps , not the rest. Classic bounce back game is called for here. Then the script can be written for another post season success.

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I am giving you rep for this post because I sort of can understand Tom Brady.

I say “sort of” because when our Creator gives you any gifts of any kind, you feel internal pressure to maximize the benefit of said gifts.

If you believe all that, then you can understand why a guy like TB12 would want to go down throwing the best pass that ever came off his arm.

Miami average 27.3 points per game their last 9 weeks including the Pats game.

they Fired their OC… wow

but he can come home to NE to replace Josh

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Yeah that’s a convenient firing… thx, Miami. Maybe Flores was looking at the Patriots offense and decided a different system would work better in that division. It’s a little weird having a former DC and OC on the same team in the division.

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Good point, why use an offense the division is designed to stop?

The best pass off his arm might come this week. After a stinker the team needs to get out there and flip the script. Quickly. This helps them to go out and beat the snot out of Tennessee… they need this.

Taysom Hill makes 2 great runs then Brees comes back in and fumbles… ug

Saints lose… Brady and Brees lose at home. Saints were doing great with taysom Hill… the guy was great in this game. Ironic that the primary QB made the big mistake that lost the game…

The Saints OC sucks!!

Brees is over the hill!!!



No joke the guy im currently at work with and who is a very vocal fan of the Saints (and hat0rz of the Cheatriots) came to work tonight saying its time for Brees to go and for the Taysom Hill era to begin.

How hilarious would it be for Saints fans to run Drew Fucking Brees out of town to Tampa. Lol. Brees + Arians = BOOM!!!


or Brees finally goes to Miami… Could you imagine Bill and Tom vs Saban and Brees all these years???

Taysom hill didn’t lose the game , Brees did.( Kinda like Brady… ugh.) But the point is both are part of the saints offense and it kinda sucks they lost.

It was a great offense to watch. Not just that I called it 2 months ago … :wink:

What you were calling for was for the Pat’s to do it this year. They had no one on the roster that I know of that has Hills unique skill set.

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Yeah , I called for also was to watch the saints to see if they expand hills role … And they did. Since the alternative offense to the pocket passer was showing success .

Problem was they didn’t expand it even more.

Responding to my own post… Read it.

This was the offense Sucking Last Year… with crap playcalling, leadership or creativity from the OC… When is the narrative going to see the only continuity from suck to suck is the offensive SYSTEM.

Crying about receivers who don’t get it , 2 MVP QBs who suck at it. A team with a great defense for 2 years can’t find any continuity or complementary aspect to win more than 6 out of last 14 games. Wow. Before you blow up the entire staff… Please just try another OC .

C’mon Belly. Before the team implodes on itself, tripping over the ineffective formations, botched plays , uninspired efforts and tossed helmets.

Hey McD… !! If 2 plays go different… last play v. Seattle , then running play Newton fumbles. … Record could be 4-3 not 2-5. It’s the dum Assterissk year. Year of the dumbass duh risks.