On Adjustments, McD, And The Greatness of The Patriots

It clicked because Harry, even in a small roll, forced the opponent to respect him and opened up other parts of the game.

Harry is why it all worked.


Ryan Izzo running the wildcat. So crazy it might just work.

nope, Roberts, smash mouth!!!

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Question for you guys…

What do you give the most credit to for this week’s obvious dramatic uptick in offensive performance…??

In other words… Well we all know it is a combination of many things but what thing if you took it out of the equation would most certainly cause it to fail instead of succeed. …?

I am leaning towards the leadership of the Brady Belichick system that gets guys the preparation and readiness to perform . Then , the game plan… and timely play calling. Discuss

Don’t know. Don’t care. Just win baby.

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It’s a legitimate question that probably has multiple answers. Certainly the offensive line seemed more together than in previous weeks. As someone else pointed out, Harry’s increased involvement gave the Bills Defense one more threat about which to worry. And honestly, if it’s possible for a team to need motivation at this time of year, even the threat of losing the Division Title must have lit at least a Bob Cratchett candle under the Offense’s collective asses. Throw in a few decent semi-trick plays, and you’ve got a few likely culprits.

Pick one, or give us another option.

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Rewatched the last the last 2 games last night and it the commitment to the running gam is a huge part of this resurgent offense.

The last number of years things have been predicted off of that.

In Saturday’s game they got cute and went away from it a bit and the offense suffered.

The old adage is let the online pound it, they feel good and everything falls into place.

Even Newhouse played well replacing Cannon.

Watching it live I was screaming for them to pound it in from the 1 and so they did.

That series was the defining moment of the season.

This is a running team upon which a quality pass game is launched.

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secret is Tom is healthier than past weeks and it is really that simple.

Healthy Tom=Confident team

Anyone else notice the difference in expression on mcDs face… Gone was that anxious frustrated pouty look… and he was engaged and focused. Stuff was working. Finally he seemed like what they had game planned was what was actually happening. There was a sense that the team was in sync with the play calling. It made sense. There was a connection rather than that previous scattered stale feeling.

^^^ the anxious pouty look came back after the pick six. They were afraid to pass . Had no plan how to get Brady in a rythym early. Sad output after the smooth operation the previous week.

Ok … New question.

What aspect of the offense do you attribute the most reason for the obvious downtick in production and efficiency from the previous week?.

Once again it’s a combination of many things. But jumping out was the anemic game plan . 3 and out on first series. Just lame ass play calls to start the game. Pussy ass approach to final minutes of first half. And more crap to start second half.

Also Brady was way off.

when 2 of you top 4 receivers are RB’s, you are Fvckd as an offense. especially when your second WR has under 30 catches

On the pick six Sanu was open over the middle.

late in the game a toss to the middle of the field had a wide open Harry going down the sidelines for the win - That still doesn’t make up for the lack of cohesiveness in this passing game.

IMO Tom has a bad wheel, a leg or hernia type of issue that is changing his throwing mechanics to something that is off the mark. And I want Tom back but I also rather he retire early, rather than late.

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To me, this is all of it.

You can talk about the receivers and the blocking and the play calls, but if Brady isn’t TFB, then nothing else matters. If he is off, so is the offense.

He is either lying or his talent alone is really suffering.

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Ya know, I was just thinking. They lost a bunch of coaches this year. It hasn’t affected the D but with Joe Judge the new WR coach that is splitting duties I’m thinking that’s not ideal.

The Patriots lost by 3.

TB threw a pick six.

I would lose all faith in him if he blamed anyone but himself.

He did not.

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Pick sixes happen. The offense scored 24 points. That’s not pathetic.

When we NEEDED them, up by 4 and a stop away from the #2 seed and a first round BYE the defense couldn’t stop the immortal Ryan Fucking Fitzpatrick from driving 75 yards for the winning score. They couldn’t stop an offense whose leading rusher is a 37 year old QB. They couldn’t cover Isaih Ford who up until a couple of weeks ago was a career practice squader. Even the consensus best CB in the league couldn’t shut down Davante Parker who until this year was widely regarded as a draft bust. Instead the defense looked tired, slow and a step behind.

Career journeyman Ryan Fitzpatrick and his band of castoffs, misfits and busts had his way with what was supposed to be a great defense all day. If not for some egregious drops by the Phins reveivers the game might not have even been close. And then when it matteted most Ryan Fucking Fitzpatrick rammed the ball right down the vaunted Patriots defenses throat.

Yes Tom Brady is old and he isn’t performing the way he has in the past. I agree with Mike. I think TB is hurt. But it doesn’t matter. Because 1 stop gets TB two weeks to get healthy. And it didn’t happen. And that’s on the defense.


I didn’t say TB12 deserved all the blame he heaped upon himself.

I said I would lose faith if he didn’t do the heaping.