NHL Thread

So I’m sitting a club watching my friends band. I look up at tv with the Bs were down 1 to 0. Checked out the Cs game for 2 minutes and Bs are up 2 to 1.

Yup. Sens out played them
And lost. Sens season in a nut shell lol.


Sorry Tyler, but Sens are an average NHL team, playing a team that still thinks they should be defending Stanley Cup champions.

Talented and Pissed Off can be a lethal combination.


Ya I wasn’t expecting a win anyway. Ottawa has been playing extremely well their last 10 games but it still would have been a huge upset. Oh well!

Damn leafs are starting to play good again too. Grrrr.

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By a few percentage points, the Bruins have the best record in the league, and that’s with arguably one of the top five non-goalies (Patrice Bergeron) out of the lineup.

I just watched the highlights, and Rask brought his A-game last night. I can see where the Sens would be frustrated.


When a team has Rask and Halak (literally 2 of the best goalies in the league) they will alwyas bring their A game because they aren’t tired. Havent checked the stats in a while but Rask was in the top 5 save percentage and Halak was in the top 10… When you have fresh goalies it makes a HUGE difference. Granted I can’t complain because Nilsson has been fantastic for the Sens and he and the dfense aren’t the reason they lost last night. I wish the Sens would get at least one good sniper on their team!


I had not realized that Halak has started 9 of the 25 Bruin games this year. He has a 5-3-1 record (13 out of a possible 18 points) with a GAA of 2.40.

Pretty damned good for a “backup.”

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May we have him please? Halak fits the Bruins system perfectly… He seemed to struggle as the starter for teams but a backup he is playing lights out. Definitely awesome to have if Rask struggles in the playoffs for a couple games or something. Halak single handedly took Montreal to the conf finals in 2009-2010. He is a nice asset to have.

I’m watching hockey!!!

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I’m working :frowning: for another 3 and a half hours.

The Broons seem to be losing.

After the energy they expended in the first 10 minutes, the Broons seem to be dead-dog tired. :tired_face:

Nice penalty kill tho.

Who is that young guy in the Chara jersey? Did the Brunes draft Zdeno Jr?

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Chara’s age > Brady’s age

By a few months, if I remember correctly.

Yes, Virginia, there is such a thing as “Puck Luck.” :fortune_cookie:

That commercial where the kids make a video aboutvtheur dead grandma hits me in the feels every time.

Calgary Coach Bill Peters resigns over racial slurs he used … ten years ago.

I mean, damn, he shouldn’t have done it at the time, and something should have been done about it then. Given that he wasn’t punished back then, and assuming he hasn’t shown any signs of discrimination since then, what’s the point of punishing him now?

Bad news: Marchand went down the runway and has not returned.

Good news: Pasta > Bread Man