NFC Championship - Packers at 49ers

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I got yer content right here ya clown.

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Go packers!

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Let’s go packers.

Touchdown whiners.

Not sure who to root for.

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Nahhh … it’s Winers. This is the Wine and Cheese Bowl, after all.

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Packers are in trouble early wow.

Lol I’m with you clown. I hate both of these teams.

Go 9ers.

Ya looking like they got this. Packers, I would never rule them out but wow :hushed:

49ers Just look far better than Green Bay today and week 12.

This game may be done quickly.

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Agreed clown. About to be 24-0. This one is over. Not even prime Rodgers could bring this team back. Just not even in the 49ers league.

Well, I’m gonna watch a movie. This game sucks lol

I’m in my mid fifties, way north of 250 and I was never that fast.

I feel like I could pick up 3-5 yards before contact the way the niners are blocking.

Packers D should be embarrassed

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Hmmm touchdown packers.

Hey. I’m home now.

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I like the niners.

Olde Tyme Hockey

Toe Blake