NFC Championship - Packers at 49ers

Welcome Home Honey

Wheres my dinner?

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Microwave some shit

Packers have a horrible defense.

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Go Edmonton Oilers!!

Touchdown packers. Where was this the first half.

Packers driving again.

Wow, we have a game.

Lmao that’s a flag BAHAHAHHAAHAH. Oh man, I wish the NFL could hire our CFL refs. I really do. NFL can be such a fucking pussy league at times.

  1. Not the same play, really. Cam had a clear path to his fumble; Rodgers has a stampede between himself and the ball.

  2. Rodgers is a Super Bowl MVP. Cam has a big bank account, a lot of flashy clothes, and as many Super Bowl Rings as I do. You can see where Rodgers might get a little more slack, yes?

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I agree but run into a lineman and bounce off them ala buttfumble