Mueller Report


We have kind of already been through the discussion of Politics on Patriots Planet. Everyone got their point across, and it doesn’t really need to be rehashed as new threads come along.

We are trying to build a new community here, and it would be for the best, I think, if we could focus on fostering discussion here about whatever topic rather than any discussions on other boards.

Thank you.

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You got it.

Back on topic:

I hope they find a way, open it all up and just either charge him or clear him and charge everyone involved - spare no one.

but we all know that will not happen, too many of ones making claims are just as dirty. You have to be to have a seat that long.

Clearly we have another Trump appointee that’s in on the Deep State conspiracy and being bought off by George Soros or something:

Something more for the true believers to effortlessly swallow like a vulture gulping battery acid:

House Freedom Caucus Member:

It IS possible to be of that ideology AND be principled. Johnlocke doesn’t happen to be both, but it IS possible.

Okay, in the Mueller Investigation Pool, who had “expensive distraction that leads to no action” as the outcome?

Oh, that’s right, we all had that. :roll_eyes:

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Yep, the Senate Republicans being too sackless to ever do ANYTHING to hold Trump accountable is the reason why we will have the outcome that we will.

Wait … I thought we were being ruled by the Deep State.

If that’s the case, then the Election, the Allegations, the Investigation, and the Report are all just different acts in the “Circus” part of “Bread and Circus” … aren’t they?:thinking:

If you’re happily and eagerly gulping Trump’s bullshit then yes, you probably do believe we’re being ruled by some “deep state”.

Might as well just cut the foreplay and say it’s the Evil Jews like all Deep State believing whackos do.

  • In order for me to believe Trump’s bullshit, I would first have to listen to Trump’s bullshit. I don’t have time for that bullshit.

  • The only conspiracy I’ve ever believed in is human tendencies toward laziness, not rocking the boat, and choosing the easy thing over the right thing.

  • My DNA test says I’m part Ashkenazi Jew. Nice try, though.

I did say “If”! I truly have no idea which way your leanings were/are. I mean, look at the last page of the Alabama thread on the safe space now. A bunch of crying and whining about supposed liberal censorship when there isn’t even a single liberal posting there, much less censorship. The fact that liberals have been censored routinely there is an irony so thick it might as well be a neon fucking sign.

But hey, if ever you do decide to actually read Trump’s bullshit, feel free to come in here and discuss it! We have that ability here!

I see the true faith on the safe space is kicking and screaming over Mueller’s update yesterday but really, it’s quite simple:

The safe space and Fox and Friends are on the same wavelength nowadays. That should be rather telling: