Last movie you saw and rate it from 1(being the worse) to 10(the best)

Just recently saw Joker


I thought the movie was fantastic and Phoenix nailed the part perfectly. They took Alan Moore’s Killing Joke storyline from 1988 and made it their own with some twists andd variations. I would highly recommend this to anyone. There are times where it might seem to drag a tad bit (hence not a full `10 rating) but otherwise it is one of the better movies I have seen in recent years.

Your turn! It can be new or old, doesn’t matter and you can post multiple times. I am going to watch the new Child’s Play tonight. I’ll report back tomorrow with that.

Most recently me and Jo watched was the Departed. Somehow I never watched it even though it’s about South Boston and was a huge hit.

Absolutely epic direction, writing and acting.


Love The Departed!!! My gf wasn’t a huge fan however but those movies aren’t her thing. The all star cast in this was epic as well.

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I can’t remember the last movie I saw, and I love movies. But all of my free entertainment time at home has been devoted to Borderlands 3 lately, couch co-op with my wife. Kind of strange being old and spending that time on a video game, but its great fun.


My brother is a big gamer, he plays lots of Mindcraft with his wife and fort nite. I’m not much for video games, granted I do like playing digital pool on my phone.

Yeah, I am not a big gamer, but my wife and I really like to play this one franchise together.


anyone play CSGO? my kid and his friends play all the time and I’m wondering if it is some cult activity training

last movie was the last starwars movie and despite others thinking it lacked much, I was entertained


My brother is obsessed with counter strike lol. He plays it lots too!

Heard the new Star Wars wasn’t good but my one friend thought it was awesome too.

thats a cool thing you two do, I hardly play games but when I do my aim is pretty freaking good. my kid gets pissed but I aimed shit for years and I am fast and accurate.

I rule the original Zombie shooter at the local arcade.


I will challenge anyone in air hockey.

I love bubble hockey

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Can’t believe this movie got such good reviews. After watching “Get Out” and I thought it was fantastic, I gave this movie a go… Holy shit is it bad. It started off so damn good, and just got stupid from there. The only reason the critics gave it such good reviews is because the ending is so different… I will say this much, it is DEFINITELY different… However just because it’s “different” doesn’t mean it’s good. I thought it was completely silly after the first 20 minutes. I also called the very ending (won’t ruin it for those who haven’t seen it)

So to sum up… Stupid, a bit boring in some areas, ending was so far out there I just found it silly. Would not recommend but for some reason the critics loved this movie.

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Yeah, I saw it in the theater and was completely baffled by the love for it.

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I think I just went in with the wrong expectations. Thinking it was going to be more along the lines of a thriller, horror movie… Turned out to be more of a comedy once the mirror people showed up. Was just too silly for me, literally looked at my watch 4 times during the movie wondering when it would end lol.

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I haven’t gone to a theater to watch a movie in over a decade. I just don’t have the attention span anymore. I even got an AMC24 gift card from my Optometrist after buying three different sets of glasses from him last winter. I gave the gift card away.

I’m pissed off that Xfinity moved Turner Classic Movies to a different package that I don’t have. I was really enjoying watching old movies that are new to me, because I had never seen them before.


I mostly watch stuff at home as well. I do go see some big type of movies at the iMax if I’m excited about it but went to the theater to see this one cuz my ex-girlfriend wanted to go. Normally it wouldn’t be something I would go see on my own.

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I agree, I watch stuff at home too. I see a movie in theatres about once or twice a year. It’s too risky for me, if the movie sucks that is a long time to sit through a movie… Sitting through US in the theaters would be the equal to having my eyes get clawed at by a Hawk I think.

That will come my friend, your child will get older and you will be seeing teh next wave of Disney movies in the theater, trust me and you will cherrish them as you watch the childs expression.

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Hahahaha. Wel Disney I can do. The new Paw Patrol movies. I dunno lmao

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Going to see Dr Sleep this weekend. Got fantastic audience reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. Think it’s at 94 percent right now.

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