I'm very drink

In fairly rapid successuion

3 of these 9.5% alcohol

2 of thees 8% alcokol

Drankthem from my Darth Vader glass. Lo l.


Nice to see you, Thep. As always, great taste in beer.

nice beer, shotgun a few of those and forget the night

At the corner store here in the god’s country they carry a local brew that comes in a 32 ounce bottle and is 25%. Costs 25 bucks but damn it’s good and holy shit it’s strong. :slight_smile:

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I think Thep has been shotgunning a few of those and forgot about us. :frowning_face:

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25% is an ass kicker, I may need some.

Thep passes by and waves, we wave back

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I’m off work tomorrow. I shall do some drinking myself tonight!!

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I have a headache just looking at the bottle.


So anyway I just vaguely remember starting this thread. The beer did its job.

I’ve finished the hibernation and have been meaning to start posting here again so I guess this is as good a way as any.

What did I miss?

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Welcome back.

Are they gardening?

yes, thus the shitty - fertilizer


Very much tequlia

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Delicious. Love shots of that. Well a couple. More than that my tongue burns hahaha.

Just the thought of tequila makes me gag. Bad experience doing that salt, shot, lime thing back in the day. 1899FC35-EC9E-418A-B0DD-F05FF366A906

I just love me some margaritas…made myself two big strong ones last night. Mixed up a cup of tequlia and two cups of premade margarita mix with a splash of extra lime juice over some crushed ice in my favorite 32 oz Columbia Fireflies cup.

And it was so good I did it again.

I’m that way with Seagrams 7. I got so drunk on 7 and 7’s one time just typing this post made my stomach churn

luckily I would attack the booze that attacked me the night prior so I have no Booze I can’t drink. I have some I no longer drink, (Jager, Golsschlager, and sweet stuff like that) because it is too sweet for me.

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