I'm very drink


I can’t drink vodka. Drank a 26 of it when I was 19 and weighed like 135 pounds. That was not a nice night. The smell of vodka makes me throw up now lol


i realized last night that I have never had tequila. Not even in a Margarita. Wow.


Come on down to SC and I’ll whip you up one.


Wanna meet at the Waffle House? I’ll borrow BY’s Vette. :slight_smile:


That is a very small, random detail to remember. Unless you really are BY!!!


Wow… they are delicious. Especially on a hot day. Where I live in the winter time when it hits -55 it’s not as good haha.


Nope, I’m Sheldon Cooper and have an eidetic freaking memory. :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Plus I really like like both of you guys.


I’ve thought in the past that everyone at PP was actually one person except for me and the whole site was just a super elaborate hoax.


Hahahahahah!!! Skynet running the Matrix baby.!


it is, hell we even carry it over to here and insult ourselves for the hell of it.

BTW. Everyone knows By is a vette guy


For me:


those look great

Bloody> Mimosa
Guinness is the best beer ever.


I love myself a cesar, Guinness is a bit too dark for my blood lol.




I’m having myself a beer when I get home. MGD :slight_smile:


Lite beer tonight, I need some water.


For every 4 beer I drink I have a half bottle water. I’m SMRT:)


So if you’re drinking MGD that’s like 4 1/2 bottles of water.



Lol. It’s 4.6 percent. Might take 10 or 12 but gets the job done lol. It taste good.