how many accounts can we have on a place like this?

or does it not care about IP addresses and stuff and you could have 9 accounts.

just a thought as I wonder how that works, could you create an alt and like your own stuff so much you gain power!

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There isn’t much in place to prevent abuses like that. I’ve kept things as simple as possible to start.

Don’t know how many people use it, but if you use your google or yahoo, you don’t even need a login specifically for here, and you can change your own name on the fly.

Thanks, I am unfamiliar with these type of boards and was just wondering what safeguards there are to prevent abuse since I am seeing more of this style of a site recently.

Thanks again.

Yeah I think this type of site requires a new way of thinking sometimes.

I mean, look at Reddit - probably the largest and most successful collection of “forums” there is, or ever has been. As large as they are, they have absolutely no safeguards for multiple user accounts. They just don’t care. I have 3 different accounts on there myself. Everyday people create accounts named things like “Throwaway56783” just so they can post something that they don’t want associated with their main account.

There is some moderation, and accounts do get banned, but I don’t think they do much to keep the people behind those accounts away. For a site like that also though, traffic is money.


The throwaway account thing on Reddit is a necessary evil though. You’ve got way too many yahoos on there that would dox other people just for the fun of it. One of the subreddits I read a lot over there is r/legaladvice. So much on there that could be used to incriminate or embarrass people. I have one main account that I use 99% of the time but I’ve created throwaways before.

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Yes, people with multiple accounts are quite the issue on other boards, aren’t they? coffee

Not sure what you mean, what does a different place have to do with this one? You seem obsessed.

Why would you constantly worry about other places, are you not happy here?

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I must try!!!

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[quote=“TylerD, post:8, topic:688, full:true”]
I must try!!!
[/quote] We all should, start threads to talk to ourselves and see what happens. it will be awesome.

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I could do that for hours. My job is boring. I need things to do lol!


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I shall start soon!!

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just sharing some random thoughts, no need to get pissy.

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a Cliff note of Brody’s posting on the same site:

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