how many accounts can we have on a place like this?

no your here, not there, because someone banned you, possibly me but I am not too sure.

Yer enjoying this aren’t you? Loser.

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wait… after many tries I figured out how to cut and paste… I deserve a like even from my good friend Brody for this, he was my inspiration afterall.

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Tell that to all the fans that write to me every week that read the Wall St. Journal and Investors Business Daily.

I’m speaking at 3 liberty minded conferences in the next 2 months. I’m involved in NH politics heavily and oh yeah “I’m known for eating little whiny little chumps like you.” Limp Bizkit

What are you doing for your cause?

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You’re doing none of those things.

Provide an actual link to a WSJ article under your byline.

google is your friend, look it up and cut and paste it for the rest of us - you are the self-proclaimed Einstein here!

Print articles at the WSJ are behind a paywall. If you want to read them buy a paper or pay the online price.

How could you? You have never asked the name I write under.

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I’m honest about my criminal record and since you seem to know everything about me from the other site you should know that.

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Um wut?

You may be confusing me with my brothers DUI crashes in Vt. He had a couple.

I have 2 DUIs in 17 years. 1 was for medication I was taking and another was for having a couple at dinner and not moving over for an emergency vehicle. Both in NH. Either way neither were cool but like I said I am straight up honest about it.

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And looking at the records that Google has half are completely inaccurate.

An envirnmetalist christian? Please. Couldn’t be any further from the truth.

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Man I loved this movie. One of my all time favourites for action movies. I miss the Snipes of old. Then he went to jail :frowning:


Holy crap.

I didn’t need to read much of this to see it was bad. Brody has a week to cool off.

I asked nicely last time that we not go in this direction, and until we have the membership to allow more self policing, I need to take action.

Stick to arguing topics.

Don’t attack people.

Don’t use it as a platform for grievences elsewhere.

Thank you.

I will now close this thread I think.

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