Heavy Metal

I know UT said he doesn’t like megathread but it seems like overkill to start a new thread for each song or album. So if he doesn’t like it, tough.

(Please don’t smite me)

Allaegon, a technical/melodic death metal band from Denver.

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This is badass. I’ll get the whole album.

Kind of reminds me of Kalmah but more brutal with the riffs.


Heavy metal = puke



No one asked you Joolz.


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Here’s an older song by Allegaeon I love

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Starts out so nice and before long my ears start to bleed. Yeah, yeah, no one asked me.

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Just joking.



Since they are based here in Colorado, I was thinking of catching one of their live shows.

The problem is, I gave up Satan Worship for Lent.

But lent is long over. Your all good to sin again til next year. :slight_smile:

I challenge your assertion that this is a meagthread. It’s about a single genre.

Besides, heavy metal doesn’t follow rules.

I quite like Eric Clapton :grin:

So no to Clapton hey :sweat_smile:

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Band: Mors Principium Est
Melodic death metal from Finland
Album: Dawn of the 5th Era

Band: Wolfheart
Melodic/Black metal (“Winter metal”) from Finland
Album: Tyhjyys

I am a sucker for the intermittent heavy/not heavy tempo change in a metal song.

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Band: Gojira
Progressive metal from France
Album: Magma

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Nice. My friend Lauren in Mississippi turned me on to Gojira. Love these guys.

“When you change your mind you change the world.”

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Meh. So few world-changers and reformers have the following:

  1. A clear idea of how the world should be changed
  2. A clear idea of how to go about making said changes
  3. A clear idea of how to measure that the changes led to something better

My idea of changing the world is to round up all the reformers, quiz them on the three above concepts, and ship the ones who don’t give satisfactory answers off to Gulags, where they would be forced at gunpoint to make mittens, or something else the rest of the population actually needs.

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