Heavy Metal


You actually just described AOC, I think. She checks all those boxes she’s just incorrect on her answers on all three. She rejects reason, embraces emotionalism and collectivism.


Take it to the political forum boys.

It was just a simple lyric from a heavy metal band. Not a political manifesto.


My apologies. And you are right.

And I love the damn lyric. Be the change you want to see in the world.


I’m going to start my own Metal Band called “Muffin Gulag.”

Here will be the lyrics of my first hit:

I am a fucking Man
Who is in a fucking Rage
Have a fucking Plan
or Get Off my fucking Stage

Not political at all. Just common sense, really.


Band: In Mourning
Melodic death metal from Sweden
Album: The Weight of Oceans

After a nearly 7 year hiatus, a new In Mourning album is due sometime this fall :slight_smile:


An oldie but a goody. Still completely fucking badass after all these years