Has Brady played his last game as a Patriot?

Since it’s the current poll question on the local after show, and it’s all everyone will be talking about until we have an answer, might as well get a thread up for it.

  • Yes
  • No

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Well. One nugget from Brady in the post game. He kept refusing to speculate on the future, until Karen G phrased a question just the right way.

Brady said “It’s pretty unlikely” that he is retiring.


Yeah, I caught that. Great reporter with a great question. The only question now is where will he play?

Tom also addressed her as “hello Karen” so there must be some kind of relationship of trust built up after all the years. I do not think this is teh end of Tom in New England but the realization that they need help.

This last game was equivalent to Week 9 in Harry’s rookie season and he is getting ripped in the huddle for lack of effort and stopping on a route. That is no longer a getting to know you period but a lack of Tedy’s “Full tilt, Full time” mantra.

This team is going to have a lot of changes and I do not see the Monty Biesel type of change to the roster next year but a Randy Moss type of change. Offensive weapons that are not offensive are needed. Bill needs to get some help.

biggest problems this year were

Injuries to Wynn and Andrews (Karras did well in his place)

No TE’s that deserved a spot on an NFL Roster.

WR’s crew that was never complete, AB would have fixed that but you can’t date the Crazy hot chick and not expect untold amounts of drama.

A defense built for stopping the Chiefs that forgot Teams were switching back to being physical. Sure the DLine/front 7 did fine getting after the passer, they were often 4 yards back trying to slow the runner down.

Jamie Collin’s disappearance on the field is what hurt the defense. Once he started to become brooding Jamie, in place of Contract hungry Jamie, the defense stopped being all world.

Ghost getting hurt was fine with the last replacement, he cost you nothing.


Chad oShea was greatly missed also. He was the red zone offensive coordinator before leaving. I assume much of the complacency of the red zone offense was based on his departure.

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Tough to answer Yes or No…

Father time has started to take bites out of Tommy, even someone like Middy must see that.

I cant imagine Tom finding a better competitive situation than he has here (Dallas???) but after 20 years is he just looking for a change?

Is it time?

Is Tom the exception to the "better one year early than one year too late rule?

I guess if I look at all the factors I’d lean towards “Yes”

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Yeah, while this is still too close to the end of the season to speculate but I’m thinking he comes back.

He is likely not retiring and has said time and a gain there is nobody he would rather be coached by than BB or play for than Bob.

But something was different with his demeanor this year.

Is it all the negatively that has been launched against him after finally joining social media this year or personnel decisions or something else? I really don’t know. Something just seemed different with him.

He is still a big time quality qb. I want him here next year.

No chance. and I mean no chance. He won’t end his career in New England like that.


I don’t know how much this figures into the equation, but … will TB12’s last pass as a Patriot really be a pick six?

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Can’t see it

Or he goes to the chargers. That would be weird.

I doubt it. I think he still wants to play in the NFL.



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Lol true enough!

Suppose he does leave, for either another team or retirement.

Who is the Heir Apparent? Stidham? Some FA? A draft pick???

That’s an interesting discussion. I would think Stidham becomes the starter by default, they spend another 2-4 draft pick on one, and also bring in a veteran journeyman.

Or maybe deal for Brissett from the Colts since they don’t seem to be happy with him. Is that correct Tyler? I thought I read something where they don’t see him as the future starter.

Jimmy G comes back to avoid the porn stars he has been tagging on the west coast - Boston has better infectious disease centers.

I think Studham is legit and will follow Tom.

but not for 2 years, RKK steps in and works out a two year deal before you retire with Tom and he walks off after Ring no. 8 and a loaded offense that evolves into a more athletic one with Studham who benefits from the Aaron Rodgers time on the bench.


I like your thinking.

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If Brady left I think it would be under his own choosing to go to a team that wins, and not for the money. He wants to win another ring and it would be kind of neat if he did it with another team I won’t lie. I can’t see him going to a bottom feeder like Jets, Jaguars, Raiders. However I could see him going to a team that is pretty stacked at receiving like the chargers! Or maybe he shuffles his way to the NFC! Say… dun dun dun… Tampa Bay. Tha’d be gross lol. But hey. Fun to think about.

The two-year deal might happen, but I’m less optimistic about two more rings. Let’s look at the 2019-20 season realistically:

  • Pats started out 8-0 against what turned out to be a cupcake schedule
  • After that, we went 4-5
  • The only playoff teams we beat were Buffalo and Philly
  • Neither one of those survived the first round

In a competitive division, this version of the Patriots would have been fighting for a wild card spot.

I think we have a lot further to go to get back to a championship level, and, frankly, TB12 just looked tired out in the second half of the season. Yeah, a lot of that had to do with the step-up in quality of opponents, but I think his age is finally catching up to him.

Brady to Peter King on Saturday:

“If it’s the Patriots, great. If that doesn’t work, I don’t know. I just don’t know. I love playing football. I still want to play football. I think I still can play at a championship level. I’ve just got to go do it. I’m motivated to get back to work and training.”

“I absolutely still do love this game,” Brady told King. " … I think a lot of other people who are great at what they do—great artists or great actors or great businessmen—they don’t have to stop what they love as they get older. I know there’s football still in here."

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