Gamethread July 24, 2019 Rays Morton Fisherman is searching for a win...

But at that Price, he will be disappointed on again.


Our mad fisherman is better…and I almost would prefer him in the booth to Pena, almost…


Wait is that really his name?

Randy Quaid mojo

Charlie Morton is the SP of the TB Rays

Oh right. I’m still half asleep.

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I had chicken wings and was in the bathroom most of the night. That has to be some kind of mojo

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more like Shitgo than mojo

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Tyler…your wife may be trying to kill you for the insurance money. Get out while you can


Either that, or she wants him to lose some weight …

That is what those veggies next to the wings were for- interesting.

The only veggies I want with wings are celery and bleu cheese. And slightly undercooked wing chips.

The Salmonella Diet. I’ve heard its very effective.

try this over ice and guzzle - butt first stalk up on TP and wet wipes


man this thread went into the shitter fast - I’m proud of you all


We were doing our RedSox Bullpen immitation


sad but true

But I love chicken wings. If I leave her, I have to try and make them myself… Or move in with you. How are your chicken wings?

I tried that one day, didn’t care for it. lol

Picture of me before I actually got fat. I was in Banff rocking these splits.

Hard to get out of bed now. But I think I enjoy life a bit more now lol. Just slightly more out of shape.