Game Thread May 8th, 2019 game Three with Soupy on the mound


Sales is pitching. Let’s hope he builds on his last start.


We will win :slight_smile:



Just tuned in and Sox are leading 1-0 after three.



Just tuned in. Sale having another gem!


Beer Advocate 3.87/5:

“An honest to goodness IPA brewed with a bounty of real citrus including lemon flesh, blood orange juice plus orange and lemon peel.”

Sounds refreshing.


Yeah its ok. Could be more citrusy. But the Awesomeness Level is 7.5% so I’m willing to over look it.


Just gave up his first hit in the 6th.


Fuck you Orioles guy I’ve never heard of.


Wow it’s a pretty huge crowd at Camden Yard tonight.


Ugh. Another hit and a run in.


Orange. I feel like I’m watching Clempsin.

Fuck you other Orioles guy I’ve never heard of.


Holy Crap I just looked at the lineup and i dont know ANY of the Oriholes players.


I think the only Oriholes player I know is Chris Davis and he’s not in the lineup tonight.


Didn’t he have like 150 at bats in a row with 0 hits?


Oriholes bullpen…that’s sounds pretty good to me.


Yes, and if I recall he broke that historic slump with a hit against the Sox.



Sale with a 9-pitch, 3 strikeout inning. Get this man the win. Runs please.