Game Thread May 8th, 2019 game Three with Soupy on the mound


Squander. Mookie, what were you thinking?


Ugh Offense. Don’t blow this awesome start by Sale.


14 strikeouts for Mr. Sale. Bravo!


Dear MLB,

Not. Dead. Yet.


Chris Mother F’ing Sale


Yes ^^^^^. Sale has been fantastic his last two starts. Hope the boys win it for him.


Awesome win!!! Low scoring but Sale was fantastic.


Maybe there was something to that spring training would go until May 1st crap.





If only he could hit .250.


He is so smooth and nonchalant about it too. Amazing!


the man is unreal


Tip of the cap by Mancini was cool.


Nice to see Hembree close the door.


I gotta tip my cap to the camera crew. They captured everything in that sequence:

  • JBJ reacting to that catch the way Jerry Rice used to “celebrate” reaching the end zone (“I’ve been here before; I’ll be here again”)
  • The Orioles in the bullpen fixing to go crazy for the walk-off, and being frozen in those positions
  • Brazier’s “I owe that guy one big dinner” reaction on the mound
  • Senior’s “That’s my Goddamn Son, Dammit” show in the stands
  • The rest of the Red Sox in the dugout, and of course
  • Mancini’s cap tip

From end to end, what a piece of work.