Game Thread 09.03.21: Indians (Quantrill) at Red Sox (Eovaldi)

Good morning, BSU!

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Let’s keep this winning going. This team is really turning it around d lately

Amazing what good pitching can do!!!

Love these early threads

Can tell you all about my day!!

And it’s Friday!!! Whooooooo

Hope everyone has a good day. I’m off to work

Go Sox go. Will message later.

I had Raisin Bran Crunch again today. A banana, prunes, orange juice and coffee.

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Good morning! I love the morning threads. Especially if one of us can’t make the game or parts of the game. I had chocolate carnation milk for breakfast. I know, not very good but it was yummy. LOL


Joolz, did you see that Tyler and I carried over into 300 plus post for last night’s thread. We were thinking of you also.


Oh that sounds delicious! I am drinking coffee and lots of it :slight_smile:

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That sounds yummy hahahahah. I love choc milk!

and yes Joolz, we held the fort… Considering I didn;t think I would be too active, I am surprised we got well over 300 hundred again lol.

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Tonight the plan of attack:
My friend is picking me up from work
going to his place for drinks
and then going to the Brewhouse for drinks :slight_smile: Whoooop!

They don’t have the mlb package so we won’t have the Red Sox game :frowning: I will follow on my phone tonight and post when I can.

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And tell you all about my day as it goes.

Today better be slow.

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I had a meeting with my big manager yesterday about my supervisor who has been working at home for a year and a half from Covid.

She leaves early, comes late… Takes 2 hour lunches and is maxed out on her sick time. Legit takes two sick days a month, and I am doing her job as well. I told the big boss this is ridiculous and they are going to talk to her :slight_smile:

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Anyway, you are all caught up in the life of Tyler~!

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Coffee one of the best things in the world I tell ya!

I am surprised we d id over 300 as well. But we should not be surprised at the ability for all of us to talk. LOLOL

Yeah, I am glad you said something about your coworker.

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You know what, it has been saying for a while I have three hours left before I can like. It should be less by now. Hmm.

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Hmmmm, that is strange.

and I got a note saying that I have used my daily likes or whatever and then went on to like another 50 posts lmao.

Well, that didn’t take long.

“Wow! You’ve been sharing a lot of love! You’ve reached the maximum daily likes for today, but as you gain trust levels, you’ll earn more daily likes. You’ll be able to like posts again in 2 hours.”

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I just never seem to run out. I am immortal!!!