Game Thread 08.08.19: Preseason game 1 - Patriots at Lions

PRESEASON WEEK 1 • THU 08/08 • 7:30 PM EDT



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Like I always do, I plan on watching the whole thing. Some years though, I get distracted late when there are a bunch of people playing that won’t make the team.

I feel though that this year, there are a lot of younger players that will get a lot of playing time that may make it worth watching.

Only to see them cut in a few weeks anyway.

Will you be watching?

Patriots rookie numbers released: Harry (8), J. Williams (33), Winovich (50), Stidham (4) among notables

I always enjoy watching the preseason games. I will likely be watching the Sox game just to see how Sale is but I will have my eye on the Colts game as I like to see how Brissett is doing. I am expecting a big year from the Colts… and hopefully a horrible year from the Chiefs. Patriots as usual will be good…

Patriots opening up against one of the few teams that beat them last year will be interesting. I can’t stand the Steelers so I will be cheering for the Pats all the way in that opener.

Hey UT…you think there is any way to gauge how much of a delay between the regular tv feed and one of the reddit streams?

Also Brian Hoyer is the real deal. Brady better not get a hangnail or Hoyer is gonna Bledsoe him.


How long ago was the interception?

Better yet just tell me what just happened

Jakobi Meyers is the real deal

Just got on… Punt just returned

2nd down starts nkw

Yeah, he looks great. I hope Berrios makes the team as the new PR at least too.

Sorry was distracted tell me what is happening

Lol I’m trying add Meyers in all my fantasy leagues

Just now to commercial after ty law

So here is my thought…

I think there is a sizable gap between the network broadcast and the streams. I remember trying to participate in the game threads at PP and being 2 or 3 plays behind. Kind of anticlimactic when a big play would happen and I’d be watching what happened 3 plays ago

So I’m thinking if we hosted a stream only game thread here, and very lightly admit to its existence over there, maybe we would draw on a poster or two.




I’m watching the Lions feed. Surprisingly they still have seasons tickets available

4th and 9 punt now