Game Thread 06.21.19: Blue Jays (Thornton) at Red Sox (Sale)

:wave: Joolz here. Wassup with Sale?

Wow! Blue Jays with a 4-0 lead in the 3rd. Nobody out and Sale at 62 pitches and counting.

Ya Sale is not himself tonight. It’s unfortunate.

Are you at the theater, Tyler?

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Sox on the board. Sac fly makes it 4-1.

Yes!!! I’m pumped. Starts in 20 :slight_smile:

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Sale out after five.

5-1 now. This sucks. Guess I should have gone to the movies.

I blame the absence of beer mojo.

X with a double to make it 5-3. Wild pitch and he’s at 3rd. Here come the the Sox…

JDM! 5-4!

Jackie baby!!!

Tie game on a Devers pinch hit. They just said we are .500 on pinch hits.

We really need to stop making fun of the Christians … Vasquez just bombed a 2-run walk-off. :star_struck:



Helluva game.

8 and1 in the last 9.

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Omg we won!!!

Chucky was decent. Lol.

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I might celebrate by sleeping.

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I meant to ask, did the child allow sleep?

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Last night I got a decent sleep! 7 hours actually. He slept 4 straight hours and then up for an hour then went back to sleep for 7. And I slept basically the second he went down! He’s a good sleeper at night for the most part. Hopefully that continues hahaha.

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both mine were great sleepers, he right away, she was after 6 weeks.

either that or I slept thru the crying :smiley:

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Hahahahaha!!! I try to sleep through the crying. It’s tough. He sleeps in a mamroo right now. Which is moving. We can get him to sleep in the crib for like a half hour a time. But outside of that he hates it haha so going to be tough transitioning him to crib full time.

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