Game Thread 06.21.19: Blue Jays (Thornton) at Red Sox (Sale)


Sale gonna kick some serious Ass!!

Wearing lucky red tonight.

Sale is all over the place to start. Control is off.

Already over 30 pitches for sale in the first.

Ugly start.

I’m off to the new Chuky movie haha. Child’s Play. Hope the Sox pull it out. Ugly start.

:wave: Joolz here. Wassup with Sale?

Wow! Blue Jays with a 4-0 lead in the 3rd. Nobody out and Sale at 62 pitches and counting.

Ya Sale is not himself tonight. It’s unfortunate.

Are you at the theater, Tyler?

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Sox on the board. Sac fly makes it 4-1.

Yes!!! I’m pumped. Starts in 20 :slight_smile:

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Sale out after five.

5-1 now. This sucks. Guess I should have gone to the movies.

I blame the absence of beer mojo.

X with a double to make it 5-3. Wild pitch and he’s at 3rd. Here come the the Sox…

JDM! 5-4!

Jackie baby!!!

Tie game on a Devers pinch hit. They just said we are .500 on pinch hits.

We really need to stop making fun of the Christians … Vasquez just bombed a 2-run walk-off. :star_struck: