Game Thread 06.05.19: Red Sox (Sale) at Royals (Junis)



:wave: Joolz is here.


What a play by Xander! Sox leading 2-0 after one.



How bout lets get to work on fixing Chris Sales record. Looks like were doing ok so far


Well good thing I showed up and jinxed Sales no hitter :grin:



Ex Gamecock Whit Merrifield.

Got the National Championship clinching walk off hit vs. UCLA. Also, just got picked off. Sorry Whit.


I’m bored.


Raptors and sox looking good!


Raffy! 3-0 Sox.


Bases crammed full of sox…Chavis is due


JBJ! Cleared the bases and it’s 6-0.



Offense to maximum!!!


Another great beer choice tonight, Thep.


Yeah its pretty solid. Theres a convenience store on my way home from work with a smallish craft beer cave in the back that always stocks this. So its an easy get when I’m in a hurry or tired from work or whatever


Well, Joolz is starting to fade. I think Sox have this. Goodnight Thep and Tyler.


Later joolz


Dr Johnny Fevers HR.


Sandy Leon sac fly.



Goodnight Joolz!

Deadly night for Sale! His ERA is under 4 now!