Game Thread 06.05.19: Red Sox (Sale) at Royals (Junis)


What a night for Sale. Man he’s dominant!!


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What a night for Sale. Man he’s dominant!!
[/quote]interesting point.

Sale struck out all three Royals batters he faced in the eighth inning on the minimum of nine pitches.

In baseball, that feat in known as an immaculate inning.

For Sale, it was his second immaculate inning of the season, which had only been done one other time in MLB history.

The other man to do it was Baseball Hall of Famer Lefty Grove, who accomplished it back in 1928 while pitching for the Philadelphia Athletics.


To clarify, the dudes on WEEI said that Sale and Grove were the only two lefties to do it.

It turns out there have been other pitchers; Sandy Koufax did it three times.


Thanks for that! What a night for Sale!


Pretty amazing stuff!!


Sale and Grove did it twice in same season, Koufax was in three consecutive seasons 62-64 I think.