Game Thread 06.02.19: Red Sox (Price) at Yankees (Sabathia)

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We might win. I don’t know anymore.

Price vs. Yankees: Yankee hitters in tonight’s lineup with double-digit ABs against Price include Romine, Sanchez, Hicks, and Gardner. Romine and Sanchez are both better than .400 against Price; Gardner has a respectable .269 average, and Hicks is at .212.

Sabathia vs. Red Sox: Double-digit AB list includes Betts (.429), Benintendi (.222), JDM (.143), X (.152), and Nunez (.313). In addition, JBJ falls into the double-digit AB category with an average of .226. Mixed bag, at best.

Shut these fans up early.

That will do.

Price historically sucks at Yankee Stadium.

Then again, he used to historically suck in the post season too.

Maybe he settles down early, now that JD has staked him to a 1-0 lead.

Hey, a lead. Now keep it that way.

ESPN = :face_vomiting:

Are you able to watch this one, sprocketboy?

X! 3-0 Sox!

Dammit. Price was doing. So good.

Haha! Still have the lead.

Ugh close now. Raptors tied too.

Haha! 4-2 Sox.

C’mon Brock get Nunez in from 3rd.

5-2 Sox.

Another haha moment and it’s 6-2. Great defense there, Yankees.

The only thing worse than Clint Frazier’s fielding tonight is his douchebag hairdo.

I thought the Yankees didn’t let you wear silly coifs like that … ? :thinking:

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Lol. Was thinking the same thing hahaha. Well put. Maybe Yankees are taking a different approach now. Unno…

Why don’t NESN broadcasts have something like the K Zone?

Price exits. But pretty solid game for him considering his struggles against the Yanks.

Yep. Very good game for Price.

Instead they have a box in the bottom right corner that shows where the pitch was, right?