Game Thread 06.02.19: Red Sox (Price) at Yankees (Sabathia)

Yeah, I think so. Thanks.

Joolz is out. :sleepy:

Good luck Sox and goodnight BSU.

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Good night Joolz.

Sox got this. Toronto is blowing it. Jesus.

We have a ballgame in Toronto.

That was a beautiful win last night.

It was a win, but the ending was far from “beautiful.”

I missed it. In short, what happened? TYVM

Well, the win was looking very attractive with the Red Sox taking an 8-2 lead into the bottom of the eighth, but after Barnes took the mound it started raining. It was obvious from Matt’s body language that he wasn’t handling it well. He gave up a single and two walks to load the bases before Cora prevailed upon the umpires to send the grounds crew out. By the time the inning was over, the Yanks had scored 3 runs and cut the lead down to 8-5, which, according to the ESPN crew, forced Cora to go to his “Closer.” Luckily, Workman came out in the bottom of the ninth and pitched like a Closer.


Many thanks. Ugh. This team.

The trouble is. Our bullpen sucks. I guess I just expect us to blow leads now. Until we make some major changes and get a decent closer I am not surprised. So yes I agree. It wasn’t beautiful in the sense we should have blown them out. But it was nice putting up 8 runs on them and Price finally got a win over the Yanks. Beautiful in the sense that any win over the Yanks is nice. It was much closer than it should have been. And games against top teams will be like this until we improve the bullpen. But hopefully the starters and offense can carry this team.