Game Thread 05MAY2019: Red Sox (Porcello) @ White Sox (Covey)

Sale and ERod have both lowered their respective ERAs pitching against this lineup.

Will Porcello follow suit? Stay tuned.

Cinco De Mayo mojo


Poor Cello mojo

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Chavis mojo

Tied 2-2 in the 7th.

Fry can’t pitch. Walked two. Gotta make him pay.

Double play ends the threat.

Porcello gave up a game tying HR in the sixth, but overall, he did his job.

Time for the bullpen to earn their keep.

Sox have a runner n 3rd with one out. GET HIM IN!

Bad News White Sox.

If the Red Sox can’t plate THIS gift, then they deserve to lose this game.

Mitch! 3-2 Sox!

Thought it was a DP off the bat.
Ground ball with eyes …

Bases they be loaded.

4-2 on a Nunez single. Bases they be reloaded.

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Gotta admit, both RBIs in this inning so far have been scored via some lucky-ass “hits.”

Frare walks in a run to make it 5-2.

Thanks. I’m on Gameday and haven’t seen them.

Me neither, but Castiglione and Lewin are both good at their jobs.