Game Thread 05MAY2019: Red Sox (Porcello) @ White Sox (Covey)


The X Man slams! 9-2 Sox!


I forgot to mention that the XM Feed of WEEI is delayed by half a minute, Spoiler.

Not your problem, though. I need to learn to look away from this feed until the ends of at-bats.


Chavis makes a circus catch. No bus leagues in this kid’s immediate future.


I’m sorry. Gameday is delayed too, but obviously the delay is less than WEEI.


Porcello was good again and so was the offense!!!

Also my child was born today at 2:35. Ayden Nicholas :slight_smile: been a long night and day. Lol!



Congratulations and best wishes to you and your family.


congrats!!! It is an amazing feeling to see your child born.


Thanks guys!!! :smile: He is definitely a special little guy!!! May his mojo bring many wins to the Sox !!


A huge congratulations Tyler.


Thanks John!! Long night last night. My spouse had a c section and was so sore. I was a tad over whelmed lol. Hoping today goes a bit better. Hahahaha.


She needs rest, and make sure she stays off her feet as suggested. Let her stay in hospital as long as she can to recover.