Game Thread 05.20.19: Red Sox (Price) at Blue Jays (Jackson)

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I love early games I can listen to at work

Company arriving at noon and I’ll miss most of the game. Again. :angry:

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Seriously? TF? Stop doing that. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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we need to check the record of Joolz company games and see if there is a trend to teh outcome

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Let’s go Price!

LGRS. I have a DRs appointment at 3 so I’ll catch it at home til 2:30 but will watch it on the road and in the office. :slight_smile:

Let’s go Xander!

Xander is so clutch!

On the board.

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Price blew that one it was headed to X.

Ya he definitely did.

Price will go 6 strong today. Book it.

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Neither one are impressed with this game lol.


Aww!!! Perct TD.

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Price ruined my happy moment with that lol.

I was gonna say it but didn’t want to ruin it.

:joy: :rofl:

It’s all good we got this.

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The X man with 2 runs. Sox on top.