Game Thread 04JUL2019: Red Sox (Velazquez) @ Blue Jays (Stroman)


I like ribs!


Ribs and a Craft Brew are clearly a suitable substitute for Filet Mignon and a Good Cabernet.

Edit: Speaking of which, I am partaking in what they call “Pecan Pie Brown” at the local craft brewhouse. They sell a 64 ounce growler for twenty-four dollars, which is a bit pricey, but well worth it.


Wow sounds delicious I would partake if I was there. This game is making me want to shut it off. You at least have that to look forward to. I’m at home going to eat kraft dinner lmao


Ugh nfl can’t come soon enough. Come save me Luck. Red Sox are making me sad :frowning:



Go Colts.


I really wanted sushi.


What the hell… where is that lol??? That’s so much. Looks delicious though.


Just a pic I snagged via a Google Image search.


Lmao oh. I think Dwayne The Rock Johnson on his cheat meal a while ago had a ridiculous amount of sushi haha



Speaking of ex-Colts, one of the High Schools near Denver has one of them as a WR coach.


Loves me tons of pickled ginger and wasabi too.


Okay, just keep hitting singles, scoring guys from third, and putting runners at the corners.


3 consecutive hits! Cut the lead in half.


Wow cool. That’s a blast from the past lol. Going back 13 plus years.


Don’t know if I’ve told you this story, but Valor Christian has been the best HS team in Colorado for a long time.

I went to see them last fall, in order to see if Christian McCaffrey’s brother Luke lives up to his hype. At that game, I ran into none other than Peyton Manning. I shook his hand and asked him if he was there to see McCaffrey (or his Dad), but he told me he was there because Stokley invited him.

I mean, as a Pats fan, I officially hate Manning. Having said that, seeing him underhand toss a Nerf football to his kids on the running track around a HS Football Field on a random Friday night in Colorado put a very human face on the man, for me.


Bases loaded for JBJ!


Wow that is friggin awesome!!! Ya it’s a funny thing. Sports vs seeing the human. That’s me with Brady. End of the day I respect the hell out of Brady and would love to meet him. That’s what makes rivalries so great though.

Funny I have a friend that met Russel Wilson last year (he hates the Seahawks) but he was in Seattle for a game and doing some kind of work on the stadium and met Wilson. Said he was so damn nice it was hard to hate him haha.




CHAVIS!!! There we go!